Why Written

Why this Guide to A Onederful Game to Play is Written

{Abbreviated from this section in the Pocket Guide}

Imagine connecting to anyone anywhere, in the shifting of a “thought”!!!      

…You  already do!

It’s just a matter of where You put your Focus

To keep the explanation short, to the point, and simply stated: The purpose of this pocket Guide/tool is to introduce more Humans to a simple technique that opens us to “Heart to Heart Communication”.

With this we open to an Experience, a state of Oneness of Being, Fully Connected with others, anywhere on the planet Earth. We connect toll free, no technology …just opening to the Consciousness of the Heart and using the eyes as the entry   .…and seeing the Divine Aspect With-In each One of us. The Mayan Kogi culture of Columbia have been doing it since time unknown!

…So i did quantum experiments across the U.S. and bridging 3 continents for a year. THIS GUIDE  EXPLAINS HOW TO DO THIS WITH IMAGINARY EYES ACROSS THE PLANET OR PHYSICAL EYES ACROSS THE TABLE. This pocket-guide speaks of the results and offers You the techniques used for Heart to Heart communication in this…


So what is it about the fascination with eyes???

Have You ever looked toward someone as they did You,
…and as your eves connected You felt something “special”?


Have You ever had deep conversation with someone and they focused on your eyes,
being fully “Present” with You?

This is the beginning of opening to the “Indescribable Magic” beyond the Eyes. Thru technology, using a computer or “Wii”, your intentioned energy moves along invisibly to Human eyes in producing a desired seemingly magical result “elsewhere”. Know how much more magical your Life can be with another by opening yourself more in the greater depths of Love… beyond the physical attraction and emotion, to the core, the Essence of who they and who YOU really are!

  “The eyes are the gateway to the soul”

~ Original Author Unknown

“One of the most wonderful things in nature is the glance of the eye, because it transcends speech,

our eyes are the bodily symbol of our identity.”           

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have Fun with the Set-up, Process, and Tips in this pocket-guide!

Share the Experience in the park, at a bus stop, a quiet cafe setting, a shoreline, across the table, or across the Lands and Seas with dating site friends.

With some partners it may happen more quickly, with others a longer moment and more practice is necessary.

Stay dilegent in your practice, and open to it’s flow.   THE RIDE IS WORTH IT!!!

My wish is for more people to be able to share this Magnificence. This is the simplest reason this book is written.

In-Joy with your Journey in Unconditioned LOVE!

…and Prosper!!!

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