About Author

 I am called L’iv.   {pronounced “eL eve”}

…but really, I am NOT the Author!

This Gift of Love has come from  Co-Creativity of many in various forms. Simply, I am the Organizer,  Orchestrator, and Experiencer.

My first “girl-friend Love Relationship” came at 15. I have learned much about Love since then.  This Onderful Game is the best tool to bring me in full connection with my partner!

My Gift of learning to Balance the Creative and Analytical has brought me to inquire of Quantum Physics and Meta Physics.

I live simply from My Truth, with Clarity, Spontaneity, Self Awareness, and Presence. I’m a fairly easy going guy…a Philosopher and Frequency Scientist… …a Bridger and a Messenger…   …and a Story Teller too.

…With an inter-weaving background in Arts and Sciences, Business and Finance, Real Estate and Spirituality, …yep, You read it right… …with degree work in Architecture and Construction Management Engineering, with much science and math exposure.

I look for patterns…patterns that carry Frequencies that make up Energies…Energies of Creativity and Experience. I am always in a learning mode! I am excited to let every One know what I have found and have opened to. A pattern that I have found consistent is that we confound things with our Questions…

ALL Answers are simple:

Unconditional Love ….really is all that is!!!

         …and really is the Magic of Life!!!

My Lifestream experiences that have enticed me to this level of understanding and knowing of Unconditioned Love are nothing short of incredible…

You’ll see !…as we move along in this series of Guide-books.

As always,  InJoy your Journey and…
Live LOVE …and Prosper!!!

All proceeds from these publications, books,
workshops/playtimes and movies go to fund a
not for money profit (we all profit from Love),
charitable, benevolent and educational ministry*
expanding the
Energy of Unconditional Love.


*{A ministry is a person or thing by which Service is accomplished.}

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