Excerpt from “Notes to the Timid, Those in Hiding, Skeptics & Esoterics”

Aloha, You seekers of Adventure and personal growth!

You have come to the right place for
an Adventure above All Adventures
….deep into the Core and Essence of
WHO You really are with-In!

There is a chapter in this Guide entitled:
Notes to the Timid, Those in Hiding, Skeptics, & Esoterics

It begins with this poem by Hafiz, who lived about the 14th century in Persia, a Master in the poetry of Divine Love. “Agape” Love, as some would call it.


 Tripping Over Joy

 What is the difference
Between your experience of Existence
And that of a saint?

The saint knows
That the spiritual path
Is a sublime chess game with God

And that the Beloved {God, Creation,etc.}
Has just made such a Fantastic Move
That the saint is now continually
Tripping over Joy
And bursting out in Laughter
And saying, “I Surrender!”

Whereas, my dear,
I am afraid you still think
You have a thousand serious moves.

                                                                   ~ Hafiz
Translation by Daniel Ladinsky


If You are open to Surrendering to THE LOVE, the foundational Energy of Creation this will be easier for You and your rewards will come quicker.

If You think You have a thousand serious moves, this is one of them, if You are serious and can have Fun in the same moment!  It will take You to “opening to Surrender” for the sake of Uncionditioned Love.

If You feel You can not do this with another then begin gazing in your own eyes in a mirror for 5-10 minutes a day, then increasing as your comfort allows.

It’s time to Play! Let me not keep you in suspense, here’s an except from another chapter:

What Do I Learn From
All This Eye Gazing?

   All answers are simple. It is the Questions that get
complex and confuse us.

   We are all One in Divine Creation called THE LOVE.

   Love is the only answer.

   Love heals all things. 

   Baggage, pain, hurts, secrets can only be set aside when
we Love ourselves enough. 

   If one has problems moving thru the eyes to “see” the
Divine Love with-In,Love your Self more.

    Forgive your Self for judging You.

    What happens for One happens for All,
for We ARE ONE.

For me, the “Onederful” Eye Gazing Experience, “Heart to Heart Communication”, is so indescribably full-filling. The Experience is definitely far beyond sex. Come join us in a Onederful Game to Play with Every One!

Live LOVE Always, Only Now, Only Here, Only Now.
{meaning: Be Present with LOVE in this Eternal Moment…
…Always Unceasing and Unconditioned.}

…and Prosper !!!
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Help spread the Expansion of Unconditioned Love.

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