A Grand Experience during this Quantum Experiment

In preparation for this Guide, I did Quantum Energy Physics experiments for a year to test, fine tune, and in-Joy the process. Here’s an excerpt from 1 experience, long distance, I had playing this Onederful Game out of the many folks of various ages and both genders. This is “Heart to Heart CommUnion”, not sexuality.  Like Edison and the incandescent light, I found many who declined to “Lighten-up” and the main reason why. For One’s lamps to work well, it must have filaments of Trust!

Remember this ONEderful Game can be done:
1. across the planet
2. across the table or next to your Game partner in direct
eye to eye contact
3. or with the person in the next room, if they are shy about
looking You directly in the eyes.

{Excerpt begins}

I have decided to limit what I tell You about experiences because I do not wish to color what yours will be like. These are as different as falling snowflakes, yet comprise a Oneness as beyond the sky.

This experience below can be considered more non-typical. With devoted practice You will find there are no limits to the Divinity With-in.

In conversation with Christa in Florida, whom I met on a “spiritual” dating site, I mentioned to her the book, the eyes, and the Divine With-in. I suggested she ponder the opportunity of joining in the Quantum Experiment, then get back to me.

I explained that there was a time factor involving the Guide’s publication so I needed her to be clear on her “Trust with-In”. I emphasized that as Trust is seemingly the main issue with most Invitees who put up barriers. Christa stated “I don’t have to get clear on it! I have been looking for some One to do this with for over 20 years!” We began our first phone session together immediately.

Over the course of months, our Beauteous Experiences sometimes lasted over 2 hours, as these were so precious we did not wish it to stop.

This experience is far beyond what most may experience early on as we did, but do not limit your Self with any preconceived notions around ability. Nothing is impossible.

{End of excerpt}

We were both totally Open, Trusting completely, Vulnerable,
and Enthused, right at the start.
Remember to be Diligent, Pesistant, Patient, Open, Trusting,
Surrendering, and in Peace.

Once You have experienced the opening in the Oneness (At-One-ment) with 1 person You will have a taste of the Joy of my Experiences in bringing forth this Guide.  …and the Bliss of the Experience.

Please write to us in the comment box to telling us of your Love Experiences “Onederment” or along your “path to Onederment”.

See our PROJECTS page and please assist us in any way You can to expand this technique of Peace to Love.  Make us aware of contact info of Youth leaders and jail/prison administrators, chaplains, ministers, social workers, psychologists, etc, who may assist us within confinement systems.

Bliss~ings and Blessings will flow your way as You continue to Play this Onederful Game with Every One.

It’s a great ice-breaker for conversations:
“Have You heard about ‘A Onederful Game To Play with Every One’ ?”

Allow me to close with a favorite quote that is in the Guide, from an unknown original Author:

“Blessed are the Flexible

for they shall not

    be bent out of shape.”

In-Joy your Journey!
Always Live LOVE
…and Always Prosper!!!
L’iv   …thanks for coming to this Blog.
Let others know about this FUN Game to Expanding Love.

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