A Onederful Game

A Onederful Game to Play by L'iv

A Onederful Game

There is a game we should play
And it goes like this:
We hold hands and look into each other’s eyes
And scan each other’s face.

Then I say:
“Now tell me a difference you see between us.”
And you might respond,
“Hafiz, your nose is ten times bigger than mine!”

Then I would say:
“Yes, my dear almost ten times!
But let’s keep playing.
Let’s go deeper, Go deeper.

For if we do,
Our spirits will embrace
And interweave.
Our Union will be so glorious
That even God Will not be able to tell us apart.

There is a Onederful game
We should play with Every One
And it goes like this…


*translation by Daniel Ladinsky


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